Best Table Tennis Robot – Training with a Table Tennis Ball Launcher

Practice is the secret to improve your skills in any sport. However, there are certain sports which are easier to practice if you are alone. You can shoot a soccer ball against a wall , you can practice different skills with a basketball ball, but how do you practice table tennis without a partner? This is where table tennis robots appear to solve this problem. In this article we will talk about table tennis ball launchers or robots and answer the most frequently asked questions about this great table tennis accesory.

It is undeniable to say that table tennis stands tall in being one of the most popular of sports in the world today. As a sport, table tennis is basically a scaled down version of the standard tennis game, played on a table, which serves as the court in a table tennis game. The origin of table tennis dates back to the 1880. In Europe, the Victorians of the day would play table tennis as a form of after dinner entertainment. Eventually, due to the popularity of the game, more specific table tennis equipment was produced, which eventually paved the way for table tennis into becoming an official sport.

As a popular sport, table tennis is quite highly competitive, requiring professional table tennis players to sharpen their table tennis playing capacities on a regular basis. One such form of table tennis practice involves the use of a table tennis robot.

What Is a Table Tennis Robot?

Table tennis ball launchers or table tennis robots are basically items which function as how they are named: they are table tennis ball launchers. A table tennis robot is designed to launch table tennis balls, as practice devices for more “hardcore” table tennis players.

How Do Table Tennis Robots Work?

Table tennis robots are known to improve a table tennis player’s reaction time, agility, hand eye coordination, as well as over all speed and ball control. As they are machines, they could be set to put a table tennis player on a workout, or to test the wits of a table tennis player.

The first generation of table tennis ball launchers were developed over 20 years ago, and have gone through various design improvements since then. Table tennis ball launchers have the ability to shoot balls to players from different angles, at relatively different or same speeds. Some classes of table tennis ball launchers are known to shoot balls at 75 mph, while some with speed ratings of up to 10 mph. At an average most table tennis ball launchers could hold up to 250 table tennis balls before running out of “ammo”.

This is one of the table tennis robots which has the best reviews. You can find it here.

How To Use a Table Tennis Robot?

Just like tennis ball launchers, table tennis launchers are the perfect items to have when one wants to play table tennis, but is alone. Most table tennis ball launchers are marketed packaged complete with all necessary cables, manuals, nets and even some feature table tennis balls.

Table Tennis Robot Training Videos

The best way to learn how to use a table tennis robot is to see it in action. The following video shows a table tennis practice with robot.

How To Make a Table Tennis Ball Launcher?

If you don’t want to pay for a table tennis robot, you can try to make one. The following video shows how to make one recycling a hard drive.

Are Table Tennis Robots Worth It?

Well,  if you want to improve your skills but don’t have time to go to your local table tennis club or you don’t have a partner to play with,  a table tennis robot can be a great investment.  You can use the table tennis ball launcher to practice at home at the times you decide.

Which Is The Best Table Tennis Robot?

There are different types of ping pong ball machine, with different price levels and different features. Of course, the more expensive you can expect more features such as table tennis robots with net. Check out the following examples and feel free to click on any of them to read reviews from each one.

Where To Buy a Table Tennis Robot?

Butterfly, TTmatic and Newgy are three of the more popular makers of table tennis ball launchers which many table tennis players have used as their “sparring buddies” in a table tennis practice run. There are many places to buy these brands, I prefer to buy table tennis equipment on amazon. (well, I usually buy everything on amazon!)

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